We develop young athletes

Our Mission at proSports.Zone: we want to improve, streamline, and make youth development in sports better, more efficient, and more successful.

With our innovative software solution, coaches and sports managers utilize a digital assistant that supports them.

The goal is to provide individualized, targeted, and optimal training and performance development in the competitive youth and amateur sector, in academies, and youth development centers.

The founding team

Ronny Wangelin
Ronny Wangelin
Co-Founder & CEO

Ronny is fully dedicated to youth development as a football coach and has an eye not only for talented players. He holds the DFB Elite Youth License and serves as an honorary coach for the State Football Association M-V.

At proSports.Zone, he is the head coach, responsible for the match plan and team development.

Alexander Hupe
Alexander Hupe
Co-Founder & CTO

Alex is a passionate long-distance runner. He has successfully completed various marathons on multiple continents.

In the team, he is the tech nerd and ensures that the codebase of proSports.Zone performs better and better.

Our story

The way to a startup is often a problem and the question "Why isn't there anything there?".

How did you come up with the idea of developing proSports.Zone?

As a coach, I often faced the question of how to measure and visualize the development of my players. I frequently noticed that different coaches had very different assessments of a player. In numerous conversations with the players, their parents, or the youth coordinator, I missed solid and reliable data and statistics. So, I started programming, and a small software solution emerged that was very useful to me.

What happened next?

In the summer of 2018, Lennart Claussen, my former sports instructor, approached me at an event. He knew I was a programmer and asked if it was technically feasible to develop a player database. He hadn't found anything suitable that convinced him until then.

A look at my own small tool with its initial functions immediately excited him. He had already had a list of requirements in his desk for a long time. We reviewed it, and most of it was technically feasible and offered added value. That's how the range of features grew.

So, there seemed to be a genuine need for coaching software?

Definitely! Somehow, news of our "project" spread quickly. In the following weeks, various coaches, clubs, and associations came up with more ideas and wishes. And, above all, the question of when it would finally be ready :-) . Basically, that was the start of proSports.Zone.

Did you program everything yourself?

From the beginning, Alex was involved in the development. We've been friends for over 20 years and have successfully founded several companies in the e-commerce sector. We *feel like* the inventors of remote workplaces because I live on the island of Rügen and Alex lives in Thuringia. My co-founder brings a lot of developer expertise to the table, allowing us to develop much faster.

The SportsZone GmbH was founded in the summer of 2019, and proSports.Zone was officially launched in January 2020.

We are always looking for talent.

Do you have the skills and performance that will take our team to the top?